Standard Power:

Innovative split structural design, with good heat dissipation performance.
Adjustable LED module angle , satisfying various road lighting needs.
Brand new A+ class LifePO4 battery with large capacity, support 10 days working after fully charging.

LED Chips170LM/W, 96pcs led chips170LM/W, 96pcs led chips170LM/W, 144pcs led chips170LM/W, 144pcs led chips170LM/W, 192pcs led chips170LM/W, 240pcs led chips170LM/W, 240pcs led chips
Lithium battery12.8V 18AH, LiFePO412.8V 24AH, LiFePO412.8V 36AH, LiFePO412.8V 42AH, LiFePO412.8V 54AH, LiFePO412.8V 60AH, LiFePO412.8V 72AH, LiFePO4
Solar Panel40W, mono PV module50W, mono PV module65W, mono PV module80W, mono PV module100W, mono PV module150W, mono PV module200W, mono PV module
Install Height4~6 meters5~7 meters6~7 meters6~8 meters7~9 meters8~10 meters9~10 meters
MaterialDie-casted Aluminium
Work temperature-25℃ to 65℃
WaterproofIP 66
Lighting time12hrs/night, over 5 continuous rainy days
Adjustable Angle Led Model
  • Each LED module can adjust the Angle independently.Easy to install and light up in one step.

Super Big Battery Box
  • Built-in high capacity LiFePo4 battery, long service life.

Product Details
  • High Brightness bridgelux 3030, lumen up to 170 lm/w. Mono solar panels, 22% conversion efficiency. Intelligent dimming to extend the lighting time.IP65 waterproof cable.

Lighting Mode
  • Light sensing control + time control.Can be customized according to customer needs.

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